Real Estate Professionals

Here is a solution for expense claims and tax returns.

As a business professional you know the importance of claiming everything you are entitled to. You know the importance of accurate GST and Annual Tax returns and of filing these on time.

You also know that these can be time consuming and frustrating, and at the end of the day, are you really sure that you are claiming everything that you can?

As a professional in the Real Estate industry, is your time and energy better spent servicing your clients, or on doing paperwork. As real estate accountants, we’re happy to help!

Here are two reasons why you should talk to us

1. You will save your valuable time: Time is money especially in the competitive Real Estate industry.

  • Let us show you how the magic of Xero will do your GST return and keep everything up to date-including your paperwork.

2. We will show you ways to save tax: let us help claim all you can.

  • Are you claiming all the home office expenses you are legally entitled to?
  • Are you maximising your motor vehicle expenses?