We tell it like it is!
We are fully occupied looking after our existing
clients at the moment, so unfortunately we are not taking
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Greg & Janice Wells

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At last! Accountants who tell it like it is!

If you’re like many people in business you are flat out running the business. You’re struggling to keep all the balls in the air… juggling your time, staff, suppliers, customers and resources to keep on top of things.

In between doing all that and putting out the occasional fire (which always happens when you least expect it) you just never seem to have any spare time. Time to do some of the important stuff that you know would make running your business so much easier and more profitable.

If you’re up to your elbows in your business and you’d like help to get on top of things then now there’s some light at the end of the tunnel.

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We like to say we are the Non-Boring Accountants!

The way we work is pretty simple. We do your accounts including all the boring returns you have to put in and, once that’s done, we sit down with you and discuss what you are doing and how you’re doing it. We’ll give you practical advice so you keep more of the money you make for you and your family.

And we’re not looking at the clock (we don’t charge by the hour) so we have time to chat and make sure you know what the heck we are talking about. Oh and by the way, because we operate from our comfortable home office, we keep our charges down!

The secrets to getting on top of your business

Really it’s very, very simple. Most people who really get on top of their business and do very well all started out the same way… working flat out in their business, just like you.

But pretty early they realised that they didn’t have the knowledge they needed in some areas so they went out and got it. They got advice from people who could help them get on top of things.

So, where and how can you get that advice, that knowledge…the financial know how, that means the difference between spending all your time in the business and having time to enjoy it?

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Get on top of things for good

Now there is a way to really get on top of things… for good! We have the knowledge you need and we want to share it with you.

We are experienced in helping people in business to get ahead.,.. that’s all we do and we’ve been helping them solve their problems for years.

We have spent a tremendous amount of time and effort developing our services and systems to look after people just like you.

We know our way through the financial jungle.

Are you right for our help?

1. If you feel that your current accountant doesn’t really care about you.
2. If you want more than a number cruncher.
3. If you don’t think you’re getting value from your current advisors.
4. If you really want to understand what your figures mean.
5. If you’ve been told you’re making money but never have any cash.
6. You are open minded and prepared to lay your cards on the table so we can help you get to where you want to go.

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